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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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visiting family during winter break. and police say he went to the park with a friend but walked in alone while the friend waited in the car. he never emerged. did not respond to any phone calls or texts. and during an emotional news conference today his father held back tears as he thanked everyone for their help. >> we have had people do random acts of kindness and so many friends and familyave reached out to us, it's unbelievable what you people have done for us and our son and his memory. >> police still haven't said just how he died. and an autopsy is scheduled for today. he was a sophomore at penn and planning to study psychology. that's latest live in the center jim rosenfield nbc 10 news. er rin. >> just congressional map, they
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have25 argued that it was thereo help congress als. >> now over to the battle of immigration re immigration reform. >> this after the president was hit with a new legal set back. joining us live right now. lauren break this all down for us. >> reporter:er rin and keith, this means there could be a stand off between president trump and democrats. because he says he won't sign anything that doesn't include a wall. and that is not what democrats want. now, this comes after the president sparked some confusion about what his priorities are during a televised negotiating session with lawmakers on tuesday. the reason there is a time crunch to do all of this is because the president is ending a program called daca that allows nearly 800,000 undocumented young people who came to the u.s. as children to stay here as work or go to school. well today he said he would not sign an immigration deal that
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does not include funding for a border wall. >> no, it needs to include the wall. we need the wall for security. we need the wall for safety. we need the wall from stopping drugs to pouring in. any solution has to include the wall because without the wall it all doesn't work. you can look at other instances. look at what happened in israel they put up the wall and solved the problem. we need to have the wall for security purposes. security is number one. and so the answer is have to have the wall. thank you. >> the president's plans for daca have now run into a legal setback. a judge ordered the administration to keep the program running. the white house called that decision outrageous. guys, back to you. >> lauren, thank you for that. and all new at 5 we want to know what today's ruling means for those so-called dreamers. spoke to one saying this is a small step in the right
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direction. >> reporter: brendan hernandez is full time advocate. during the day and thousands of undocumented immigrants trying to live the american dream. >> we talk about thi dream, but it's a dream that's shattered. >> reporter: she says it's shattered by president trump to rescind daca. this hit them like a bucket of cold water. >> so i went through a mental break down. >> reporter: she said today's news is like a paper towel helping with temporary relief for those who had daca but not offering a permanent solution. >> we know this is just a small step in the right direction, it's only temporary, we still need to continue fighting at the federal level for something that's much more secure and stable. >> reporter: hernandez tells me passes a law protecting more
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immigrants, she will continue advocating for immigrants, and for herself. >> you don't identify yourself from different countries or different states. you are just a human being and try to do human thing. >> reporter: nbc 10 news. >> now to the growi flu concerns in our area and all ross the country. already the flu has sent thousands of people to the hospital in need of fluids. but a shortage of iv bags may complicate the recovery. hurricane ravaged puerto rico major manufacturer of iv bags. many factories are still without power, unable to produce em it. saline is also low. some doctors slower methods for delivering the much needed medicine. >> the flu virus incubation time is one to four days. so some people don't have the symptoms yet and they are shaking their hands, hugging people, kissing people. relatives and friends. and they are spreading the flu
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unknowingly sometimes. >> doctor recommends washing your hands more often or using hand sanitizers. and whether it comes to the flu nbc has you covered. we have a doctor in the house live to answer your flu questions. you can post them to our nbc philadelphia facebook page, soon they'll be live on facebook too. learn how to keep you and your family safe that's coming up at 5:15. now people are enjoying slightly warmer temperatures. highs today in the 40s. 42 live market streets where some are taking advantage of this warmer weather. >> checking conditions now in it feels good. i'll take it now. this is the camel back resort. temperatures creeping up higher and higher. we could be hitting the 60s. 60 degrees. >> that's not bad considering woor we have come from, 40s and 50s great.
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>> meteorologist is checking your most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. loving this. >> we are. this is talking about, warmer weather on way. here is a closer look. so as we push in tomorrow we'll but temperatures in the 50s. n friday we'll head into the 60s. short lived because we'll see cooler weather but that is a big difference from what we saw sunday when daytime highs were closer to 19 degrees. so that is major warm-up for us as we head into the end of the week. also a first alert we want to tell you about, entire area, going to go into effect on friday, lasting until 10:00 a.m. on saturday, so the reason why we are issuing this first alert is we do expect to see bands of heavy rain, wind gusts anywhere from 35 to 40-mi potential for thunderstorms.
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right now it's comforble. compared to what we saw. low 40s here in philadelphia. 37 in blue bell. temperatures in the pock a nos still below freezing. temperatures from the low 30s down to low 30s. 36 degrees by 7:00. you'll see temperatures in mid-30s. rain starting tomorrow night into friday. guys. >> out west deadly mudslides continue in southern california. right now it's a race against time to rescue dozens of people, at least 15 people have been killed thus far. yet another devastating blow frr california after battling historic wildfires last month. >> rescuers in santa barbara continued their search wednesday for people still missing or
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trapped under mud and debris after yesterday's devastating mudslides. >> literally ripped a part by that flow of m you had that made its way off the mountain. >> came as people slept early tuesday morning. torrents of mud rained down from mountainous left bare from last month's wildfires. >> entire two story building was shaking. we really thought the entire thing was going to fall down and go down into the creek. >> homes and cars slid away and got buried. more than a dozen people are dead with many more unaccounted for. >> four of them in the house. two are found in the hospital now and two are still missing. so we'll keep looking. >> survivors some trapped in mud for hours were pulled to safety. including this 14-year-old girl. others scrambled on rooftops so they could be lifted out. entire neighborhoods remain completely cut off. >> people in homes and neighbors woke up with other neighbors homes disappeared down the
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street and down this drainage here, drown the creeks. >> area is home to many celebrities, including oprah winfrey who posted the damage around her home on social media. >> so this you seat fence right here, that's my neighbor's house, devastated. >> devastated kmupts sti commun still recovering from last month's wildfires now digging out from another disaster. a major step forward in the fight against the opioid epidemic. the state of pennsylvania has now declared it a public health emergency. goff fleur tom wo governor tom wolf signed it today. for trying to help patients. pennsylvania has the fourth overdose rate in the country. >> i'm hopeful this will make a change in some of the regulations that make it difficult for us as providers to get people into treatment.
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>> the 90 day emergency declaration also allows emergency workers to give out narcan which specifically addresses the opioid epidemic. a big win today for operate a casino in york county the county will pay $50.1 for the license. they voted to opt out. now the company says it will pick a spot nearby. >> we know how many customers come from that region so we feel very comfortable operating in what is essentially our backyard. >> penn national has six months to finalize application. >> former factory in philadelphia is getting a big boost as works to create a work space for artists. officials announced a million dollar grant for this. takes up about a dozen buildings, houses painters, photographers and designers. it's all part of a plan to
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reviteize the economy in neighborhoods across philadelphia. to this now a rider facing an attacker. one rider slashed a passenger in the face with a screwdriver, while logan avenues. the pair had been arguing. victim was taken to the hospital and he's expected to be okay. tragedy on the tracks. a person struck and killed by an amtrak train while walking on the tracks happened about 10 po no one on the train was hurt. at one point service along the line was suspended. now back up and running again. no word yet why the victim was on the tracks. fire crews made quick work of the fire in aut ho body shop in southwest philadelphia. this was auto services on greenway avenue. they were able to contain the
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flam flames to the back of the build zblg ing. >> so i ran downstairs without my bag. and flame was coming to me so i had to back up. >> no one was hurt in all this it is uncheer how that fire started. all right. imagine this, would you like to be buried or cream mated. well viewers said she changed her mind and ran into some trouble. >> getting her money back was not easy. responds and shares what you need to know about prepaid funeral costs. >> all right. question for you. what is this mascot? we'll explain how it's helping local students take a stand against bullying. and offensive ad, new artist cutting ties with h&m over this sweat shirt ad next at 5:00 shir0
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. this is nbc 10 news. >> time to grab your cleaning wipes, wash your hands a lot. because the flu season is off to a brutal start. >> yeah, many of our colleagues right here in the nbc 10 newsroom may have been out sick. answeri answering your questions how to protect yourself. rose marry. i'm joined with dr. st. mary's medical center thanks for being
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with us. >> my pleasure. >> so we haveeen getting questions about the flu. it takes months for medical experts to predict what strain. >> in order to get it into production by march or april they have to have that information. so they have to make guesses what was circulating last year which is why sometimes it's a good guess, sometimes it's not so good. but it's really hard to predict what mother nature is going to do. the flu changes every year which is why we need to get a new vaccine every year. to your question, yes, it's not too late to get one. there are more than one strains. and perfectly safe. it's well worth taking. and is it effective? what i've heard is it's probably 30%. having said that, the flu is
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normally 50, 60%. but even that will keep you from getting into the hospital. will make your disastease less severe, especially in the elderly, and i think it's very important to get that shot. very safe vaccine. no reason not to get it. what we have seen before is the last few years very mild, people have been lackadaisical about it. this is already a bad year. >> and the peak hasn't hit us yet. doctor, stay with us. because we'll have some of our viewers on facebook ask you questions directly. so watching us on the air, be sure to tune in to the facebook page because it will be on live in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. coming up at 5:30 helping your kids from getting the flu. and later at 6:00 tips to tell you when you should see the doctor. download the app, go to nbc facebook page, live in just a bit. all right.
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so weather now. you are looking live right now at the come tas technology center. bitter blast is over. you can leave the heavy coats at home for now anyway. checking the roads, here's a live look at the evening commute. this is on i-95 interstate is clear and dry. some of those slick spots on the secondary roads some areas you have to be careful about that. >> let's talk to meteorologist about that. you were on the bus today. >> we had so many fun. >> we were also outside running the steps, so whole city is pumped. that's all anyone can talk about. also the warmer weather over the next couple of days here. now the only caveat is we are actually going to cool things down as we go through the day on saturday. so that is going to affect everyone going to the eagles game our temperatures will drop at tailgating it will be windy. and also tracking another round of rain as we head into late tomorrow night. talking after 10:00.
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and this will continue into most of friday. so closer look at satellite radar shot shows few clouds are around. so right now the picture for you again tomorrow we'll see more of a mix of sun and clouds. here's a closer look at future cast breaks it down hour by hour. although stay dry through most of the day on thursday, thursday night, and friday start seeing showers, stretching up to redding. here's a closer look at wind direction. coming up from the south. warmer air continuing to move on as we head into friday tracking temperatures in the 60s. however, it's going to be short lived as the cold front moves through, because with all the rain come down heavier pockets on thursday, 2:30 heaviest rain, lighter throughout philadelphia. then continue through the day rain on and off. but look at atlantic city, heavy
5:20 pm
ver downpours and continues overnight friday into saturday. so this is parts over philadelphia stretching down to atlantic city. expected to see the heavier amounts as well. other element is the cooler air is going to start to move in as we go through the day on saturday. so see a falling high. temperatures will drop through the day. and our winds will stay strong as system moves through. saturday peak wind gusts around 40-mile-per-hour in philadelphia, 43. burlington wind gusts 40-mile-per-hour. continue through friday. so although warm, it's going to be rainy and really windy and we'll continue to see wind gusts closer to 20, 25-mile-per-hour into the game. so that's why we issued a first alert for the heavy rain and
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potential flooding affecting the entire area. starting friday at 4:00 p.m. continuing until 10:00 a.m. on saturday. wind speeds. and thunderstorms back in the forecast for you. today was comfortable. take a look at this. 43. coming up we'll talk more about your ten-day forecast and also talk more about your eagles forecast. >> all right. we'll see you then. one hollywood film isn't living up to title. >> hollywood pay gap that some say is shining a bad light on tinsel town. and hoodie backlash. h&m doing major damage control after this offensive ad. latest wrapper ending business with the retailer. that's next.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices.
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choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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you're watching nbc 10 news at 5:00 with keith jones and erin coleman. >> you have to take a look at this. a hit-and-run crash with an officer in california. you see a honda civic cross in front of the officers car which hits the civic which spins and takes off. police say the car was reported stolen andtill looking for it. the new film all the money in the world is taking a new meaning in hollywood. >> i didn't hire an ex-cia officer just to pay people off. according to hollywood today mark wahlberg earned $1.6 million. but his costar michelle williams learned less than $1,000 for her do overs. it was after kevin spacey was
5:25 pm
dropped from the movie. the fall out continues over h&m ad. today rapper announced he's cutting ties with h&m. he stars lebron james in denouncing the clothing company. h&m apologized for sparking widespread anger over this ad depicts a black child wearing the hoodie with a quote coolest monkey in the jungle. removed the image and the sweat shirt no longer available. >> let's talk about the birds. hype is growing. >> wasn't hard to spot this rode to victory bus around. all new how the birds are preparing to come out on top of the falcons. >> we have one of the best facilities here who actually go around wiping door handles. things of that sort. fighting the flu. all new at 5:00 taking you
5:26 pm
inside a daycare center how teachers are protecting your kids. all new at 6:00 twisted tale of drugs and murder for higher. new information about a local n accused of conspiring with a local doctor to kill the doctors wife. you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it.
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this is nbc 10 news. all right. we are quite sure you have heard the snivels and the coughs at
5:29 pm
work or your own home. flu has hit the region harm. >> yeah, some of the most vulnerable are kids. she spent the time in the daycare center where teachers have the tough job of keeping the germs from spending. >> reporter: at childhood development center, camden, every classroom is high risk zone. preventi preventi preventi preventing flus. >> we are worki >> they are educating children. anyone with the virus can spread germs by means of saliva before they get sick so here they learn hand washing can them keep to
5:30 pm
help. >> according to new jersey department of health, take a look, the flu has spiked to high levels but somehow remained moderate in south jersey since the fall 11 children have suffered critical flu symptoms including one child who died. >> the concern this year is we could see large numbers and very sick children pediatrician specializes in infectious infectious diseases at the medical center. gi system,nausea, bad diarrhea, related to the flu. >> she says children with asthma are greater risk. big message is never too late to get a flu vaccine. >> but this thing is really reassuring our parents it is safe. >> even if the flu you tend to do better if you've been vaccinated.
5:31 pm
>> and by far the best protection. by camden, sydney long, nbc 10 news. >> and remember nbc 10 is committed to preparing and protecting you from the flu. a doctor right thu ere is in ou studio answering your questions on facebook live. so if you've got a question, go to the nbc philadelphia facebook page and ask them. >> now look at our weather forecast. ice rink, when a great night to be out. not too cold. and here is a have you at pittsburgh international. temperatures in the 40s. and warm up more tomorrow. >> like the sound of that. relaxing night at the shore. clear skies. you see a lot of the snow melti melting. we are expecting snow. >> joining us now. a little bit of rain when? >> thursday night into friday.
5:32 pm
but i don't tnk anyone has been excited about the 40s in quite some time. because we started the week, especially ended the weekend, in the teens. so this major warming trend continues for us. and we'll actually head into the 60s by friday but unfortunately also tracking rain along with the warmer temperatures. right now 44 degrees in society hill. closer to mount arie 41 degrees. comfortable in park wood. temperatures in new hope at 40 degrees. so not too bad for us tonight. really clo to average. to the jersey shore we are at 40 degrees in wood bien and 39ner cape. and as we push into lehigh neighborhoods, 36 degrees, so really starting to cool down. closer to boyer town 37 degrees. and as we take a closer look at ee stop, 39.tory here, besides temperatures is rain moving in. but here's a closer look at the mild air that's going to set up for us here as we go into thursday stick around as we head
5:33 pm
into friday. but take a closer look at what happens as we push into saturday and sunday. we see the cold front move through so cold air sitting back over philadelphia. this will stick around as we go into the rest of the weekend even as we head into next week. so the other thing we'll be watching for you is the forecast for the big game on saturday. kick off is at 4:35. if you do plan to head out early and tailgate, 1:00, we are tracking temperatures 50 degrees, mosly cloudy skies, wind speeds at 15-mile-per-hour. but as the game goes on temperatures continue to fall. 42 degrees at kick off. by the fourth quarter tracking temperatures mid-30s. but also see wind gusts around 25-mile-per-hour. so see your feels like temperature closer to the 20s. cold one. coming up we'll talk more about the ten-day forecast. >> brittany, thank you. now here's a look at county by county across our region.
5:34 pm
new castle, a woman died. air lifted to the hospital. last check he was in critical condition. in chester county say a shoving match turned into ha murder. gunning down vic tear wilson last september outside a party at the malibu club in coatsville. police say a member of the coat throat family game felt disrespected. back now to new castle county anti-bullying campaign inspired by the olympics. passing around journey torch of kindness. being kind is cool. and a local beer gets a local award. cape may award refreshing fruity
5:35 pm
notes. >> is that right? >> i guess so. refreshing and fruity. okay. speaking of baseball, feephilli are getting ready for baseball. >> their chance to become the next phillies ball girl. they were tested for skills and on camera tell end. be talent. >> first playoff game in four years. >> coming up, hear from a hometown guy representing the birds. >> then funeral costs, all new at 5:00 explain the fine print you need to know before preparing for a funeral. and the alternative you may want to consider. next time, i want you on my bowling team.
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you're watching nbc 10 news at 5:00 with keith jones and erin coleman. we turn to fire and fury, the new book about the trump administration flying off the shelves. michael wolff tell-all book sold more than 29,000 hard cover copies during the first weekend. kn cnbc, e bills.
5:39 pm
president trump says it is completely false. nine term california congressman says he is stepping down. made name for obama administration antagonist while cheering the over house committee. one of the wealthiest members of congress after running an auto security company. 18 republican incumbents said they will retire from congress this year. house majority whip steve scalise is going back under the knife. part of the recovery from last year shooting in virginia. didn't provide details only that it was happening today. scalise was struck by a bullet in the hip shattering bone and damaging internal organs. four other people were also injured in that shooting. officers shot and killed the suspect. no time table for scalise return to capitol hill. get ready for the battle of the birds all goes down at the
5:40 pm
link on saturday. >> everybody is ready to wear green. >> we know how hyped eagle fans are, imagine you grew up here and going to be at the link in your hometown. we'll hear from the eagles player coming up next. >> and get ready for throw back to spring. warmer weather on the way. my first alert forecast for your neighborhood is next.
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. erin, the count down is onto tt eagles playoff game on saturday. >> you can feel the hype building across the city. nbc sports philadelphia john clark is with us now. john. >> it's amazing eagles fans getting lathered up for the first game in four years. one player can't wait is cory clement first season at wisconsin when the birds were in the playoffs. grew up in the valley, and now playing in the linc in first playoff game in front of family and friends. cool is that? >> it's kind of like everything else doesn't matter. so anything after the game can happen, but until that game, final whistle blows, that's only
5:44 pm
thing that matters at that point. that's when you have in the philadelphia organization because we are all part of it and pushing for something special. >> yeah, he says when it's playoff time here in phillies nothing else matters. coming up at 6, the falcons have big time celebrity fan and one guy is not happy rooting against the birds. we'll hear from them in half hour. >> i think i know what you are talking about there. >> woo. >> is that a hint? >> big hint. >> woo. >> i can't believe i just did that. >> stay with us. woo. >> live in south philadelphia. live for live for sure. >> thanks, john. >> time for me to go. >> nature boy. >> remember, it is your official eagles day. don't miss battle of the birds. it is saturday. kick off 4:35 at the linc. and we'll have coverage all day live for you. start at 9:30 then at noon nbc has you covered until kick off.
5:45 pm
and then with us for exclusive interviews after the game from the players and coaches. we've been asking you to send in your rendition and videos are still pouring in from the fight song. take a listen. ♪ >> those are the kids at calvary christian northeast philadelphia. put on a whole show for their version of the fight song. >> great job, guys. go to the nbc 10 app to send your version. i want to see you do that too. >> we'll do that all day saturday. look at the forecast. looking live at broad street. we can see spring like weather by friday but we do have a little bit of rain on the way as well. right now to the evening rush look at conditions on vine street i-95 still on the ride
5:46 pm
home icy spots on the secondary roads. >> right. brittany shift is here right now. a lot of wind coming with that too. >> yeah. wind and rain. but just talking about the fight song, and you know who does the best version is glen harris. >> we have to get this video. >> i was cracking up earlier. e' it on his facebook page. >> when it's time to sing. so let's get a closer look at your weather where we are going to see lots of changes once again. so we started off the work week and the end of the weekend with temperatures in the teens. so major warming trend. already in the middle of it. head into the fifth 50s by tomo. then pushing into friday temperatures in the 60s. but along with those warmer temperatures comes rainfall. and we'll have a first alert issued for heavy rain and also flooding. going to affect the entire area as we go into friday.
5:47 pm
also leading into saturday. some of the heaviest rain is going to be overnight friday into early saturday. but good news the forecast says that the rain is going to move out before some of your tailgating starts and before the eagles game so watching this closely as the home game gets closer. so why did we issue this alert? heavy bands of rain, close eye on the floodsing potential with all the snow, radar shows clouds move in. tomorrow will be comfortable. stay nice and dry. we will see increasing clouds toward the afternoon, thursday by 10:00 p.m., hour by hour break down, start to see the rain moving n hit allentown, then slowly moving into parts of wilmington and philadelphia as thursday night into friday morning continues. so for your morning commute we are tracking a wet commute for parts of allentown and redding
5:48 pm
right around 6:00 a.m. lighter for wilmington and philadelphia and continues on and off throughout the day. by evening commute 6:30 watching a steady band of light rain stretching up thorough entown chblt then by friday night heavy es rain looks like over philadelphia by 11:00 p.m. saturday morning still light rain, maybe a rain snow mix. then on top of that adding in wind gusts up to 40-mile-per-hour. and in some locations throughout the day, friday at 10:00 a.m., we are seeing wind gusts closer to 45-mile-per-hour. so messy commuteo work. wet as heading home from work. also a windy start to your weekend. this is going to continue even as you are trying to get your tailgate together. maybe having friends at the house for the eagles for the big game on saturday. so just keep that in mind as making your plans. it's going to be windy if you are outside.
5:49 pm
over the next couple of hours temperatures will drop from the 40s into the 30s. we'll see a cold start tomorrow morning. closer look wh we can expect as we push into tomorrow. you'll see temperatures in the 50s for fairmont. and 40s as well. closer to new jersey 53 degrees. closer to the jersey shore temperatures in 50s as well. so this will be a nice break for us with those cold temperatures we've been experiencing. over the next three days take acley temperatures 50s to 60s then dropdown again as we head into the rest of the start of your weekend. so now closer look at the next five days here. we are going to see temperatures in the 50s and 60s. and on saturday we are in the 50s. then drop back down. we'll talk more about your weather with hurricane schwartz coming up at 6:00. so surprise in camden. brand new play house. bil built by engineers students.
5:50 pm
they got 8,000 grant to build two of these. second play house is going to students in philadelphia. they did a great job. >> yeah. still ahead nbc 10 responds to cement concerns. whatou need to know about prepaid funeral costs and what happened when one woman tried to get a refund from a cemetery. nbc 10 responds with new information next. ,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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this is nbc 10 news. welcome back. lester holt joins us now from nbc studios in new york. hey, lester. >> hey keith and erin, today while they are targeting 711 stores. and hospitals overwhelmed with flu. we'll have more on that when we see you here shortly for nbc nightly news. but right now back to you in philly. >> spreading fast. thank you for that. responds with a story dealing with cement plot additional costs all paid for up front. >> viewer changes her mind over wanting to be created over buried. and when the cement said no she contacted us.
5:54 pm
harry. this viewer said she tried to get they then called nbc 10 responds. two years later in 1993, paid more than $1,000 to cover the opening and closing costs. chad says by 1998, both of her parents had died. chad tells us in july of 2016, when she decided to be created instead of buried she asked the cement to refund the money her parents paid for her plot and the money she spent for the opening and closing costs. shalom denied her requests. according to this document she could transfer of the jewish faith. problem is she has no relatives she could sell it to. nbc responds for help. we contacted the cement and they told us due to customer privacy it could not go into details. but after we got involved, chad told us the cement contacted her
5:55 pm
saying it would not refund the money her deceased parents paid for the plot but it did return the 1, $040 for the opening and closing costs she paid. she accepted the refun. in a statement they said we are pleased it was resolved to herizatiher satisfaction. >> and we checked and each office says make sure you read and understand all of the conditions before you prepay funeral costs. we also checked with aarp the american association of retired persons. it says alternative to prepay you may want to consider a payable on death account known as a pod. set it up through your bank and money is released only to the person you designate to handle your funeral arrangements. so for more information go to nbc 10 and we have all the information for you. >> you said a general rule. for a lot of these postuff don'
5:56 pm
pay up front. >> in a funeral you my want to prepay because a lot cheaper. but if you change your mind circumstances may be you won't get any money back. >> speaking of green. >> now recovery stands at 902, $859. money we got back for all our viewers. >> creeping closer to a million bucks right there. >> yes, sir. >> thank you so much. >> if you have a respond head to nbc 10 responds and fill out the form, we will respond to you. nbc 10 at 6:00 is next with jim rosenfield. >> thanks. we are hearing from a death in southern california. and local man at the center of a tail of drugs, gangs, and murder. and protecting our pets, today philadelphia announced a
5:57 pm
new plan help struggling families hang onto our and major leagues and prevent more pets from unnecessary deaths. >> and we have a big warm-up and first alert for heavy rain. i'll have the timing of those big chances there in your first alert neighborhood forecast next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
missing student murdered tonight the family of the university philadelphia sophomore is talking about their loss. fighting the flu, how to
5:59 pm
know if you are catching the bug and what to do to protect your family. man in the middle tonight we've uncovered local man conspired in a murder case for hire. nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00 disappearance of a university of pennsylvania student is now a case of murder. tonight the pain of the loss easy to see on the faces of his grieving family. >> our families worst fears came true and they positively identified our son's body today. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm jim rosenfield. he disappeared after visiting family in california. we have been tracking his disappearance. and now with the latest developments, keith. >> week long search is over after the body of blaze
6:00 pm
bernstein was found in a park outside of los angeles. went missing during winter break. went to the park with a friend while walked in alone while friend waited in the car. but bernstein didn't come back. during an emotional press conference, he broke into tears while he talked about his son. >> he was a charismatic man that shined lives in communities he touched. needless tsay our family is devastated by the news. >> police still haven't said how bernstein died but an autopsy is scheduled for today. blaze's father says he was planning on studying psychology at penn and then later medicine. live at the breaking news center nbc 10 news. fever, cough, running noses, if you don't have it, flu is coming that's spreading across ourre


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